Beef Jerky Outlet Featured in Food & Beverage Magazine

Beef Jerky Outlet in Food & Beverage Magazine, July 2015

We thought you might be interested in reading a recent article that appeared in Food & Beverage Magazine (July 2015) about the growth of the overall beef jerky market in the U.S. and the simultaneous growth of Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise. As you will read, we just sold our 100th franchise store, which is a major achievement for any franchise company. If you would like to grow with us, let us know.


New research shows that beef jerky continues to gain popularity as a snack

“Jerky sales are on the rise, and people are turning to the Beef Jerky Outlet to get a variety of types and flavors of the tasty snack. The Beef Jerky Outlet has experienced 1,000 percent growth in the past 18 months. They specialize in more than 200 different types and flavors of beef jerky, including Honey BBQ, Cajun, 3 Beer Rub and exotic types like kangaroo, alligator and elk.”

To read the entire article please download a convenient PDF document of the article HERE:

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