Beef Jerky Experience at the International Franchise Expo 2015

Beef Jerky Experience Wows the IFE!

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise’s unique “Jerky Experience” garnered plenty of attention at the International Franchise Expo 2015 at the NYC Javits Center, June 18-20. Over 500 IFE attendees signed up for our email newsletter. Find out for yourself why Beef Jerky Outlet is Entrepreneur Magazine’s #22 of 75 fastest growing franchises and earned a top 500 rating in 2014. In fact, Beef Jerky Outlet has just awarded its 100th store! Watch the video and learn what it is all about. Don’t forget to download our Franchise Kit:  Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise Kit

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Beef Jerky Outlet Featured in Food & Beverage Magazine

Beef Jerky Outlet in Food & Beverage Magazine, July 2015

We thought you might be interested in reading a recent article that appeared in Food & Beverage Magazine (July 2015) about the growth of the overall beef jerky market in the U.S. and the simultaneous growth of Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise. As you will read, we just sold our 100th franchise store, which is a major achievement for any franchise company. If you would like to grow with us, let us know.

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Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise Awards Store 100

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise is headed to the International Franchise Expo in NYC with great momentum. The “Jerky Experience” trade show exhibit will make its debut and franchise store sales are surging. Beef Jerky Outlet has just reached a major milestone in the company’s 5-year history, selling its 100th franchise in St. Charles, Missouri. The sale is a testament to Beef Jerky Outlet’s continued growth, which has surged 1,000 percent over the past 18 months. IFE_Growth_2015 The latest location was sold to Cory and Norbert Zornizer who will be opening the franchise in St. Charles later this year. “We saw the segment on Beef Jerky Outlet on national television last year and immediately started researching,” Cory said. “We are so excited to be part of the Beef Jerky Outlet family, and to be recognized as the 100th franchise is just an added bonus.” Beef Jerky Outlet franchises are located in 23 states around the United States. “We knew this was going to be a great franchise; I just can’t believe how quickly we sold 100 franchises,” said Paul Lyons, COO and co-founder of Beef Jerky Outlet.

The Jerky Experience at the International Franchise Expo 2015


The Beef Jerky Outlet is excited to release “The Experience” at the International Franchise Expo at the Javits Center in New York City on June 18-20.

JE_Truck_background_03b“The Experience” is a mobile Beef Jerky Outlet store that will bring the Beef Jerky Outlet experience out of the store and onto the streets. The trailer is fully equipped with custom stairs, removable signage panels and a self-contained trailer with generator and Internet capabilities for the register system. The trailer has a rear door with a lift so all can enjoy it. BJO_Experience_open“The Experience’ is an open trailer that will let everyone come in for a full sampling of all the great products Beef Jerky Outlet has to offer,” said Paul Lyons COO of Beef Jerky Outlet. “This will be a great opportunity to showcase our Beef Jerky Outlet store experience at public events without losing that store effect.” With Beef Jerky Outlet’s surge in growth — 1,000 percent over the past 12 months — “The Experience” will not only bring beef jerky to new customers, but it will also be beneficial for brand awareness.

Beef Jerky Outlet Conference Recap

Beef Jerky Outlet Conference Recap

It all started on Tuesday night, April 14th – the first ever Beef Jerky Outlet Conference. A mecca of all things beef jerky. So, we had to start with a welcome reception. Basically a cocktail party, because this was the first time franchisees had ever had an opportunity to meet one another. On Wednesday, things started bright and early with breakfast, naturally. From there it was a day of workshops and meetings. But the day really began with an update from President and COO Paul Lyons and Scott Parker on the state of the company. Did you know that franchises are opening monthly, and there has been 1,000 percent growth, in terms of number of new stores opening over the past 12 months? Wow!!! Paul and Scott also introduced the brand new board of directors for Beef Jerky Outlet. The three inaugural members are Bob Hathaway (Branson and Springfield, Missouri), Lisa Adams (Concord, North Carolina) and Jason Patterson (Madison, Alabama). Three new members will be voted in by BJO franchisees next year to push the board to six. The following year, 3 more will be elected to make 9. From now on, board members will serve for three years to always allow for fresh ideas. Finally, the keynote speaker for the event was John Patterson. He is the co-author (with Chip Bell) of the international bestseller “Wired and Dangerous; How Your Customers Have Changed and What To Do About It.” To make a long story short, he was very inspiring. All right, break! More accurately, it was time for more discussions on the topics of the day and lunch. After lunch, we all broke up into groups and had roundtable discussions. The topics were: Supplier relationships – Paul Lyons/Mike Grillo/Kenny Needham
  • Future growth – Mick Riddiough/Andy Mace
  • Online sales – Scott Parker/Scott Curkin
  • Customer service – Steve Lyons/John Patterson
  • Marketing – Allen Hugo/David Chapman
  • Employee issues – Allen Musick/Bruce Parker
Phew, after a long day of discussing the company, the locations, the growth and the new point of sale system rolling out soon, it was finally time for a well deserved dinner. Bonus, it was also time for the awards presentation. The hard-working winners of our first-ever Beef Jerky Outlet awards were … Franchisee of the year: Steven and Dana Crane, Greenville, South Carolina Top Sales awards No. 1 Franchisee sales 2014         Scharlean Cooper and Casey Lowery, Destin, Florida No. 2 Franchisee sales 2014         Steven and Dana Crane, Greenville, South Carolina No. 3 Franchisee sales 2014         Dan and Doreen DeYoung, Dells, Wisconsin No. 4 Franchisee sales 2014         Lisa Adams, Concord, North Carolina No. 5 Franchisee sales 2014         Robert and Deb Hathaway, Branson, Missouri The SPSF Award (For getting the most out of the least!) Clint and Laura Hall, Galveston, Texas Rookie of the Year “The WV Boys” Ryan Neal, Aaron Neal, Troy Stiffler and Steve Davis If you thought the Beef Jerky Outlet owners had enough for one day, think again. This was the first time they had been able to get together and talk shop. And talk shop they did, even after conference day 1 was all said and done. Conference Day 2 On Thursday, we all gathered for a special breakfast treat. An omelet bar featured omelets made with prime rib jerky. How’s that for a prime jerky morning? This was, after all, the supplier breakfast, where franchisees got to meet with different suppliers who help our company do great things. After the breakfast, the suppliers gave brief presentations. We heard from the Complete Signs, 3 Beer Rub, accounting and a real estate lawyer. The event then concluded with a presentation by 919 Marketing detailing all the national press we’ve gotten this year, as well as coverage of our grand openings. Yep, they were grand! All in all, it was an extremely productive and fun couple days in Atlanta. Here’s to next year!

Beef Jerky Outlet First Annual Conference in Atlanta, April 14-16

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise will hold its First Annual Franchise Conference at the Atlanta Airport Marriot, April 14-16. The conference will be the first opportunity for franchisees to meet their colleagues, management and suppliers in a common venue. Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise management is expecting close to 100% franchisee attendance. Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise has experienced remarkable growth over the last two years. The franchise has grown to 35 operating store with an additional 55 scheduled for opening. This rate of expansion has earned the Beef Jerky Outlet an Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500 Franchise qualification. Entrepreneur has also rated Beef Jerky Outlet as #22 of the 75 Fastest Growing Franchises. Beef Jerky Outlet has been featured on many major media outlets, including Fox & Friends, Fox Business News and USA Today. The conference keynote speaker will be John Patterson of Progressive Insights, Inc., a premier customer relationship management consulting firms. Customer service is of the highest importance to Beef Jerky Outlet franchisees and the keynote address will offer insights into developing a customer-centric perspective and delivering a consistently great shopping experience. Creating an inviting customer experience is an essential feature of the franchise blueprint, which includes free samples and personalized product selection. The expansion of the franchise has been matched with major upgrades to the support system. Franchisees will have the opportunity to discuss recently added support features, including a new online portal that provides product ordering, marketing resources and franchise announcements. Franchisees will meet the new advertising team from 919 Marketing, who will present a show of the media hits from the last few months and discuss store level social media marketing. Franchise suppliers will be present to show off a selection of their products and spend quality time with the store owners. Representatives of insurance, accounting and real estate services will also be on hand. Franchisees will learn more about the extensive demographic research conducted by Buxtonco for the franchise. This research will help identify new retail store locations and opportunities. Franchisees will benefit from insights into customer demographics. A precise identification of consumer segments will allow the franchise to develop more effective retail marketing strategies. Beef Jerky Outlet planning for the future includes the development of new store design plans. JGA, an architectural firm specializing in innovative retail store design, has worked closely with the franchise to create the look of the future. The improved and innovative design plans will significantly improve the customer experience by streamlining the selection and checkout process. New store start up time will be reduced and the opportunity for locating outlets in a variety of retail venues greatly expanded. A conference highlight will be the presentation of the Inaugural Franchisee of the Year Award to a selected store owner. The award is given to the store owner who exemplifies the Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise model for retail management best practices. The award recipient shows enthusiasm and energy in store operations and customer relations, as well as contributing new ideas to the franchise and store owners.

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise Available in Illinois and Maryland

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchises are now available for sale in Illinois and Maryland. Beef Jerky Outlet is an Entrepreneur Top 500 Franchise featuring hundreds of varieties of jerky and specialty snack foods at locations in 16 states. Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise currently has 34 operating stores with over 40 more slated to open in the near future. Paul Lyons, Beef Jerky Outlet COO, is pleased with the prospects for franchise sales in both Illinois and Maryland. “Our research indicates many prime locations in these states that meet all of our requirements for success. We prefer busy destination venues adjacent to high traffic retail shopping areas. Proximity to big box outdoor retailers is a real plus, given our customer demographics,” said Lyons. There are several excellent retail opportunities in the greater Chicagoland area, according to Lyons. “Hoffman Estates, Gurnee and Bolingbrook are all busy shopping areas featuring either Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops. I expect that these locations will be snapped up right away by current franchise owners or new applicants,” said Lyons. Maryland also offers excellent opportunities, including the Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, which is anchored by a Bass Pro Shop.

Beef Jerky Outlet Now an Entrepreneur Top 500 Franchise

Beef Jerky Outlet has climbed into the coveted Entrepreneur Top 500 Franchise ranking. The national franchise chain features hundreds of varieties of jerky and specialty snack foods at locations in 16 states. Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise currently has 34 operating stores with over 40 more slated to open in the near future. A moderate total investment and franchise fee make the Beef Jerky Outlet an attractive investment. Veterans are eligible for a 50% franchise fee discount. Paul Lyons, Beef Jerky Outlet COO, says that the success of the franchise is based on a streamlined business model. “A typical franchise store requires 2 to 4 employees. Over 25% of our franchisees own more than one unit, with 75% working as owner/operators,” said Lyons.

Beef Jerky Outlet Visits Fox & Friends

Beef Jerky Outlet co-founder Paul Lyons visited Fox & Friends Weekend to show off the meat snack products that have made the new Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise an Entrepreneur Top 500 franchise for 2014. Paul had the opportunity to show off a selection of unique Beef Jerky Outlet snacks to Fox & Friends co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Rick Reichmuth. The show was broadcast live on Fox & Friends Weekend, November 8, 2014. Click Here to View Full Article Click Here to View the Complete Video

Questions and Concerns for Franchise Candidates

A New Series of Blog Posts for Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise Candidates
Starting a business is certainly an exciting and challenging endeavor. Of course the majority of us would prefer to limit the excitement and start making a reasonable profit as soon as possible. A retail franchise can provide the best model for success without the anxiety of going-it-alone with an unproven idea or plan. The Beef Jerky Outlet franchise model has provided a growing number of new business owners with a blueprint for starting and operating a successful retail operation. Everyone has questions. It is difficult to know in advance if an unproven business model will be successful. We all have different personalities, life plans, family arrangements and financial resources. Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise has a proven system for qualifying franchise candidates. The franchise works with the candidate in a mutual process of discovery and due diligence. Starting a new business can be exciting, but it doesn’t have to be terrifying! Candidates should be brimming with questions. Hard questions, questions that get right to the nub. If you aren’t asking these kind of hard questions, you probably shouldn’t be going into business for yourself. You want to know about finance, location, training and support, product and inventory and employee issues. These are some of the questions and issues we will be dealing with over the next few blog posts. If you are considering a Beef Jerky Outlet store as a franchise opportunity, then tune in to this blog and we will start to address some of these important issues.